Born in Naples,1981 Alessandra De Vito has started her career as Make Up Artist in Italy 2009.
Gaining relevant experience all over the country within the beauty and cosmetics business, De Vito has followed the path traced by her initial studio formation in fashion design.
Since then, the desire of self-development has lead her through experience of several transformations in order to take advantage from these ever changing phases.

Overall, De Vito knows how to operate in many different areas such as TV, cinema, fashion (including look book production), editorial production, art direction, creative projects, etc.
Possessing an incredible and obtaining a broad understanding of many different contexts of today’s global market within fashion, cosmetics and beauty fields, De Vito has demonstrated superb communication and artistic skills to interact with all different positions like managers, photographers, celebrities, designers, models, etc.

Phone: +39 3406873326
Instagram: alessandradevito_